Battle Of Emperors

Beat Box

Blood Moon

Usain Bolt

Bowl Of Fortune

Caishen Four

Sichuan Opera Face Changing

Cryp Battle

Cryp Crusade

Dawn Of Druids

Dragon Hunter

Dragon Tiger

End Of Edo

Great Beauties Of China

Japanese Mask

Journey To The Gold


League of Conquerors

Moe Moe Cuisine

Monster Quest

Neo Tokyo


Fireworks Fever

Pacquiao One Punch

Awesome Penguin

Piggy Bank Millionaire

Pingpong King

Power Of Elements

Quick Win Niu Niu

Samurai Girl

She Ninja Suzu

Shiba inu!

Sushi Cade

Tokyo Kombat

Twinkle Star


Wild Sumo

Pockets of Riches

Yak Thai